How Does Just Matrimony Work?

Many clergy and officiates who support the right of gays and lesbians to marry face an ethical conflict when performing weddings today.

Some clergy have chosen not to perform marriages until equality is gained. This is an admirable stance. Yet those of us who do continue to perform marriages have an option. The time spent with straight couples before the wedding is an important teachable moment, and Just Matrimony seeks to use that moment to help to raise the conscience of a nation.

Simply, Just Matrimony asks participating clergy and wedding officiates to take a moment during the pre-wedding interview to present basic information on the inequality of marriage laws in America. Further, it asks clergy and officiates to request that the couple make a small donation to national efforts to bring marriage equality, or to notify the couple that a portion of their fees will be sent to Just Matrimony for this use.

Congregations and organizations that perform marriages may opt to become Just Matrimony Communities by pledging that Just Matrimony materials are shared with all couples planning on marrying within their doors or utilizing one of their celebrants.